• Help Employees through the Holidays with Less Stress

  • Provide options for employees but securelyThe holiday season, while joyful and fun for all those who celebrate it in any fashion, can be a stressful time for employees.  No one wants to see that, so it’s important to make sure that you do what you can to help make the time easier for all those who are going to have to work throughout the holidays.

    To get you and your business headed in the right direction, here are some ideas to consider.


    Close on major holidays


    When it comes to the major holidays like Christmas Day, you should consider closing down, if you don’t already.  While working on the smaller holidays is often okay for employees, you won’t find many who want to work on Christmas Day.  Consider closing down and allowing everyone to head home and spend time with loved ones.  This will improve employee moral but also give you peace of mind, too.


    Schedule only the essential staff


    On both minor and major holidays, if closing isn’t an option, you’re may want to consider looking at scheduling only the absolutely essential people so that you can make sure that you allow most employees to stay home for the holidays that need to.  For those that do work on the holidays (minor and major), offer some kind of incentive so that they understand their time and effort is appreciated by the company.  This will be appreciated by everyone.


    Ask your employees for input for holidays


    When booking for the holidays in terms of scheduling shifts and other events, ask for input from your employees.  They will love that you took the time to ask them, and you’ll also enjoy knowing that they get a chance to voice their ideas or concerns.  Open communication means that the work environment will be much more festive in terms of attitude and outlook throughout the holiday season.


    Offer options to work from home


    One of the best ways to make the most out of the holidays and still stay open for business is the idea of working from home. Now, we aren’t talking about being slave drivers but maybe offering this incentive to better employees directly before and after the holidays. This isn’t meant to say, to encourage having employees working on holidays but some businesses need staff on hand.

    Consider cloud-based services, you will be able to offer a secure connection and access to all of the proper information that you need, but working from home where loved ones are in the next room can be a major plus for a lot of employees with a family to take care of.  Further, it may be a matter of poor driving conditions, travel, or just a few hours to beat the traffic.

    This requires extra security and protection, of course, to make sure that all information stays secure and is used properly, but having a managed IT service help get your business in the cloud for this specific purpose is a great modern and very do-able option to consider.

    You’ve got to make sure that your employees feel that their needs are being taken care of, especially throughout the holiday season.  By using these tips to help you out, you’ll be in a good spot to offer the best perks and options to make work a good spot to be for the holidays, even if it’s only in part.  This will go a long way to employee satisfaction for the short- and long-term outlook.

    Should your business be ready to take your business to the next tech step, contact The City Tech Group for a consultation to see how we can help your business succeed.