• How Net Neutrality Affects Freedom of Speech and/or Censorship

  • Others will be in control of our buying choice due to loss of net neutralityWith many people still reeling over the fact that Net Neutrality is no longer going to be enforced by the FCC, we need to take a closer look at how exactly this is going to impact businesses in the modern world and just what changes are going to come our way with this new ruling in place.


    It could increase competition

    When researching online, especially for a big purchase, you know that you want to take a look at the competitive brands and similar models to whatever it is that you are buying.  With no more net neutrality in place, it may turn out to be that your competition goes down (in terms of your competitor research), or it may actually be the opposite.  With more people in charge of what you see, when you see it, you may actually find the sheer amount of competitions goes up.  This is bad for the buyer due to the extra research needed, and it’s also bad for the company that could need to compete with 10 businesses instead of 2 or 3.


    It might increase censorship

    On that same train of thought, since the “powers that be” in charge of your browsing can control what you see, it may also create a form of censorship.  Instead of being able to see all sorts of businesses around the world, you may only be able to access certain brands or businesses that all have the same sort of ratings.  So, in a sense, it may mean that businesses may be censored from your viewing or researching.


    It could steer clients towards local businesses

    Since not everyone is going to be able to access all businesses like they were able to do previously, it also means that clients and customers may be forced into shopping strictly within their local market instead of going with other options that are out there in, perhaps, another part of the country, or another country itself. While this could be better for smaller local businesses, the impact on business, itself, is still an issue as in the reach of even the local business getting visibility online isn’t as great.


    It could take choice out the equation

    Along the same lines with what is above, the simple fact is that having no more net neutrality could mean that customers may no longer have access to the choices they used to.  They may not be able to access the brands or companies they used to go with before, so they might be forced to go with what’s left, or just seeing what is left.  This could be potentially serious for those small businesses that are relying on bringing people’s orders in all over, and it could be beneficial to the larger companies who can pay to have people routed to them. Being online has made it better for smaller businesses as they don’t have the money and resources that larger businesses do. It enabled smaller businesses the ability to compete and now it make put the big boxes back out in front because they have the money and again pushing small businesses out. Reminder, small businesses are what makes the economy grow!


    The simple fact is that we don’t know yet how the end of net neutrality is going to impact businesses, but we do know that there is change coming.  The point remains, now, that we need to see how it goes and where it’s going to change so that we can adjust to the new online world and make the best out of it. While we can’t help with what is going to happen or make any changes, we are a small to mid-sized business like you and are here to help with managed IT services, cloud services and the like, in order to help your business grow and save your business money so you can focus on bringing in more sales. Leave the technically things to us so you can spend time and money where your business makes the most money. Contact City Tech Group at (281) 898-7221 with any questions.