• Hurricane Season & Your Business Backup Plan

  • Create a business continuity plan during hurricane seasonHurricane Harvey has caused destruction on a larger scale here in Texas. Some folks have lost their lives and the property damage has been done on a huge scale. The effects of the hurricane also proved to be extremely destructive for the business entities. The hurricane destroyed the systems that contained valuable data for them. Since September is known as the height of hurricane season, it is a wise practice to have a sound business backup plan in order to reduce the effects of any hurricane system and to protect your valuable business data. If you haven’t gotten one for you yet, we can help you to draft a reliable business backup plan.

    We have compiled a list of effective tips that you can use to come up with a business backup plan for hurricane season. Let’s have a look at the handy tips.

    Off-Site Backup

    This is one of the most important steps that you need to protect the important data of your organization. At least keep two copies of your data; an on-site and the other one off-site. The off-site data backup can come in handy if the destruction caused by the hurricane is on the larger scale and the on-site copy has been damaged, along with other equipment placed in your office premises. Make sure the off-site data copy is placed in a secure and protected place. You can also opt for a cloud backup. It will eliminate the need of physical data storage devices to keep the data protected.

    Business Continuity Plan

    A business continuity plan  can prove to be very effective for restarting the business activities after the hurricane. This plan should contain all of the information regarding the continuation of the work and where to work if the office is unavailable. It is important for every business to have this plan in place if they are living in such an area that is more prone to be affected by a hurricane.

    Properly Label the Cables

    In case a storm has hit, the first thing you need to do this is to disconnect your equipment. Many offices have clutters of cables; therefore, it may get difficult to switch off the right equipment at the right time. If you have properly labeled the cables, it will help you immediately turn off the right equipment.

    Professional IT services

    It can be difficult to carry out the routine business related tasks and keep yourself prepared to face the hurricane. Therefore, the best idea is to opt for professional managed IT services. They will help to keep your data protected by providing viable data backup plans. You will no longer have to worry about the loss of important data after an unfortunate case of a hurricane or any other calamity.

    You can easily find an IT service provider company for backing up your data. However,The City Tech Group is the most trustworthy name. We are using the cutting edge technology in order to keep your data protected and safe. Moreover, we are also offering cloud-based data backup services. Contact us at (281) 898-7221 now and keep your data protected.