• IT Consulting In Greater Houston

  • Keep Tabs on Your IT Dept & Save

    As technology starts to become standard in all businesses regardless of size, the importance of IT management is becoming paramount. Small businesses who are not keeping a close eye on everything that relates to their IT department could be wasting thousands of dollars.

    Keeping close tabs on all the IT assets is the only way to control costs within this department, but unfortunately this is an area that most small and medium sized business owners know absolutely nothing about. They just take all IT related costs for what they are. Proper IT asset management paired with Managed IT Services can help small businesses understand exactly how much of their money is being spent on IT.

  • IT Asset Management Service

    In today’s high tech world, computers are helping all sizes of businesses reach new levels of income at a much quicker pace. In some situations, advanced IT systems have become the very heart of any business. It's no wonder that more and more companies are starting to put their IT networking under the audit magnifying glass, and The City Tech Group of Houston and our IT Managed Services are helping them do it.

    IT systems have now become just as important as finished inventory, human resources, company equipment, company vehicles and accurate bookkeeping. Software, hardware, ease of use and the overall speed of a company’s internal computer system all factor into costs associated with IT. Successful IT management can save thousands of dollars, speed up production and contribute to more efficient employees. These are just a few of the more common benefits The City Tech Group can provide via our help desk support, total IT management services, cloud computing, network services and more - we are your full service IT company or an extension of your current IT department.

  • Managed IT Service and Support

    Small and medium sized businesses have common goals; they want to succeed, prosper and grow. Any form of growth in the small business world is considered excellent, and growth is where most small business owners place all of their efforts. Business owners simply don’t have the free time or knowledge it takes to manage every small detail of their IT department. This common problem can easily be avoided with Managed IT Services provided by The City Technology Group, located in Houston, Texas. Don't let our location fool you, IT services can be managed in the cloud or over the phone, which is why our IT services are more manageable and cost effective, providing your business with the benefits anywhere you are and need them.

    Our areas of expertise can help with:

    • Developing and maintaining IT policies
    • Creating standards and processes for IT protocol
    • Accurately measuring IT systems with respect to risk, cost, compliance, control and IT Governance.
    • Support for strategic decision making
    • Uncover savings through process improvement
    • Enhance performance of current assets
    • Increase accountability and compliance

    Don’t let your business get lost in overwhelming IT costs or lack of knowledge or understanding. Let The City Technology Group help your business by managing parts or all aspects of your IT needs.

  • Data Protection

    Even the most robust and stable computer system will eventually develop a problem. Don’t let these problems prevent your business from earning a healthy profit on its products or services. Let us provide your business with the proactive managed IT support it deserves. If you have been looking for IT support for your Houston, Texas business, then you just found it.