• Microsoft Sharepoint Services

  • SharePoint Consulting Services in Houston, Texas

    Working as a team or as an individual, SharePoint is a multi-purpose platform that helps organize information, people and projects within your business and/or your partners. It allows you to share ideas, organize, manage and distribute digital assets and documents. It is where employees and partners go to discover and share knowledge.

    Our City Tech team provides end-to-end SharePoint consulting services to help you plan, develop and deploy SharePoint based solutions that ensure return on investments. Our consultants bring years of experience across a wide variety of industry segments and follow best practices as prescribed by Microsoft and gained from successful project implementations.

    Our Sharepoint Consulting Services Cover:

    • Quick Start & Planning
    • Enterprise Discovery & Roadmap
    • Upgrade & Migration Services
    • Assessment & Advisory
  • SharePoint Development Services

    Traditionally, SMBs and enterprises alike have used Windows .NET, SQL Server as the preferred custom application development platform. However, as a result of technology disruption, and reduced lead times, the need has risen for a more flexible and multi-faceted development platform such as SharePoint.

    While SharePoint provides immense value, you may need to extend, customize or build features that meet your unique business needs. Our development team with strong expertise in complementing Microsoft technologies and open standards, can help build a customized solution to address your specific requirements cost effectively.

    Our SharePoint Development Services Cover:

    • Design & Architecture
    • Webparts
    • Custom workflows
    • Custom Master pages and page layouts
    • SharePoint app development
  • SharePoint Solutions

  • Corporate Intranets

    Whether you require a simple intranet or a complex intranet with multiple work processes, dashboards and contextual search, we can build customized intranets that are engaging, search centric and user friendly.

  • Customer / Partner Portals

    Extranets and portals built using SharePoint can automate transactions with vendors/partners, provide self-service and save time. We can encircle your processes, business partners and vendors in a faster and smarter way by leveraging SharePoint.

  • Documents and Records Management

    SharePoint's document & records management features, with remote Binary Large Object (BLOB) and shredded storage, easily scales to millions of records. Our team can help you manage your records, and meet your regulatory and governance requirements.

  • Business Intelligence

    SharePoint offers feature-rich, out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. We can help you to integrate data from disparate systems to get actionable insights for informed decision making.

  • Business Process Management

    Using Microsoft SharePoint, our team can automate simple organizational processes by building workflows with no code, or complex multi-stage workflows using custom programming.

  • Enterprise Search

    Our team can create info architecture, metadata structure and ranking models to improve search and discovery processes. Increase employee productivity and help them find personalized content, share and reuse information across Office 365 through Delve.

  • Let us help you create the Microsoft SharePoint technology solution for your business and partners. We look forward to helping you become a more proficient company. Contact us today at (281) 898-7221.

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