• Understanding GDPR and What it Means for your Business

  • GDPR is forcing US businesses to comply to EU privacy, be sure you are protectedBig changes are a’coming, and one of the newest ones to become public is that of the General data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short.  Let’s start by saying we are not lawyers so this is not legal advice but mere information and it is highly suggested for you to do your research and seek legal counsel for your business.

    So, GDPR means a big change for businesses in the United States even though these regulations are coming out of the EU.  It’s important that everyone understand exactly what it means and what is suggested to change for your business and what you’ll see as far as a customer shopping/searching online going forward. Business owners will have the biggest change, so let’s focus there and take it apart bit by bit.


    GDPR impacts mostly EU customers


    It’s a common thought right now that the GDPR only impacts the EU customers, be it EU companies or EU customers within US companies.  While this is true by definition, it means that anyone with any kind of presence within the EU world of business is going to be impacted.  The GDPR has spread its reach far, and its restrictions are also broad, so anyone with a business that even tangentially relates to EU customers is going to have to adhere to the changes once the GDPR goes into place. So that means, if you are in the US and have EU customers or visitors on your website, you will be affected.


    This is both retroactive as well as going forward


    Not only is this a policy that is going to go into place for customers that you take on in the future, but it will also be retroactive.  Your company may need to make the changes as required because past or present customers belonging in some form to the EU are going to require those changes.  It’s best to be prepared by digging into your customer base and taking a look to see if you have to be making those changes.


    It’ll impact cloud usage for those who rely on a public cloud


    The biggest change for majority of companies is that it is going to be seen and felt in the world of the cloud.  Since a lot of companies rely on the public cloud, the changes are going to be felt here.  A public cloud means that protecting the information as instructed is a lot harder than going with a private cloud service.


    The public cloud is focused on allowing anyone to get into it and that includes hackers or other leaks that led to the design of the GDPR in the first place, essentially.  It’s not so severe that companies who need to meet these new restrictions won’t be able to use the public cloud for customers and business, but it does mean that the proper safeguards need to go in place.  As of right now, who knows exactly what exactly is required for safeguards that should be in place, with respect to privacy of EU customers in US companies.


    The GDPR is going to be a big change for companies big or small, but the good news is that there is no fee or any other kind monetary condition thrown in, unless of course, you don’t do it, you run the risk of being charged by those affected, customers in the EU with their loss of privacy.  Sure, it means changes to a lot of parts of business that in and of themselves may cost money.


    While we can’t help with your GDPR changes, should you need to add any security to your business with regard to your firewall, cloud, data and privacy constraints, please do contact The City Tech Group to discuss your options, at (281) 898-7221.