• What Is Net Neutrality & Why You Should Be Concerned

  • Why you should be concerned with recent net neutrality issuesOne of the hottest topics out there right now is net neutrality, and the news that this is going to be (and is currently in the process of being) disbanded.  This big topic is one that has been discussed for several years, but now it’s ramped up its speed to be one of the biggest topics on the internet around the world.  So, what’s this all about, anyway?  What does it mean, and why does it impact us as internet users?

    Here’s what you should know about Net Neutrality


    What is net neutrality?

    Net neutrality is what keeps you enjoying the internet as you’ve always known it.  It’s understood as freedom to communicate and look at whatever we want online, which allows everyone to be able to access information whenever they want to, wherever they want to, and share it with whomever they would like to do so.


    Why it’s important

    Net neutrality is critical to the online world because it keeps all of the doors open all the time to for everyone.  It allows for people to communicate freely with each other, make personal and professional connections, and educate themselves on topics that maybe aren’t so freely accessible where they’re located for one reason or another.  Net neutrality keeps everyone safe, educated, and speaking their mind online.


    What the new vote means

    The new vote to no longer support net neutrality means that the big names in the world of the internet such as the mobile providers Verizon and Comcast to define what you are going to be able to see.  For example, these providers will be able to block websites entirely, hide unpopular views and reviews of their own service, or slow down your speed on certain sites to the point that you won’t be able to use them.  It gives them the power to censor what you can do and see online, which has never been seen before since the internet gained its momentum.


    It means that we may begin to see censorship in the form of restricted access to certain servers or websites, it means that online posts and communications may be censored as well, and it won’t allow for “just anyone” to start a business or communicate for professional means, either.  It means, in a nutshell, that the gate to the internet is no longer wide open.  It is, instead, a toll, and you need to pay the toll (and meet the expectations) of those who control it.  This could be minimally or drastically more costly for businesses, especially those who rely solely on the internet.


    What to expect

    A lot of people are wondering what to expect, and the truth is that no one really knows for sure.  The general opinion is the changes will start small with certain websites and servers working better than others, and then it will grow into websites being blocked, unpopular political opinions and outcries being censored, and businesses being blocked or restricted entirely.  The long and short of it, changes are coming and it will result in disruption and more cost measures.  With this new FCC ruling, the world of the internet will be changing – for better or for worse still remains to be seen.

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