• What Net Neutrality Means For Online Businesses

  • How businesses can deal with net neutralityWith the new net neutrality overturning sending a lot of online professionals into a panic, the time is now to sort out what, exactly, this is going to mean for those who make their living (partially or entirely) through the internet.  While the exact changes coming are not known yet, or the exact impact, there are some aspects of online businesses that we know could be changing just by throwing away the rules that came with the net neutrality.




    Despite what you may be thinking right now, there are pros to net neutrality, you just need to know where to look for them.


    You can focus more on local business


    If you’re online-based, a lot of people have clients that are all over the country, but not a lot that are local.  Since local customers and clients will have access to you instead of the company that they typically use, you may find that your local client numbers will shoot up and you’ll be able to grow the local part of your business.


    You may be able to take your competition’s clients


    When it comes to shopping for services or products, those who live around you and typically trust other companies that aren’t local, are going to find that you’ll be the only one that they can access reliably. Therefore, you’ll take your competition’s clients and hold onto them once they see that you can offer as good quality as they can, and you’re close by and accessible online as well as in-person.


    Cons (which is more obvious & expected)


    Small businesses may notice slower speeds


    The big hit for cons is that smaller businesses will have slower speeds because they are not able to afford the higher rates that will come with faster speeds.  This means that impatient customers will go elsewhere to put their trust and money.


    Your audience may be limited due to restrictions


    As throttling becomes more prominent online – choosing which pages load and don’t load for users – customers may not be able to see your website or store simply because they are not allowed to see it, and that will limit your audience to those who are allowed to see your business.


    International businesses may suffer


    Those who get a lot of their clients internationally will find that their customers won’t be able to access you or your business, and you may not be able to access them, either.  This could have to do with anything from speed of your connection to restrictions on what you and them are able to see.  It’s still unclear to what extent this is going to be in place.


    A lot of business owners are waiting desperately to see what is going to change for their business in the future.  While we don’t know for sure, yet, how much is going to change  – or when – we do know that now is the time to find other avenues of business, implement other processes and/or products and do our part to grow our local business so that we can recover when the changes start to come.


    While this isn’t something we can control either.. making sure your business that is managed online is safe, backed up, accessible to you and your business at all times and without any undue hitches, that are within your control. City Tech Group is a local managed IT company so we are here to help with your technology needs.