How to change your PDF viewer

You finally bought your new fancy Adobe Acrobat Pro, but you notice its still opening your previous PDF viewer. Fear no more as Microsoft allows you to change the default viewer very easily! Here are a few easy steps on How to Change you PDF Viewer.

How to change your default PDF viewer
Changing the default Opens with PDF viewer

First find a pdf document you want to open.

Next, right click the document and go to properties.

Finally, find the section that says, open with and click the change button next to it. It will give you the option to select your viewer of choice.

This selection will become the default for all similar file types. Having the ability to change the default PDF viewer allows users more variety and tools they can use either at work or at home. Hopefully this explanation on how to change your PDF view was helpful. For additional assistant feel free to contact our HelpDesk Support team. We are always available.

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