How concerned are you about the potential for your operations to be impacted by any availability issues or lost data? Have you ever had an experience where you had costs or lost revenue from a data breach, lost data, or service disruption? Are you concerned about the amount of time that it takes to recover data from a data loss or availability disruption? Do you spend endless minutes of your productivity time worried about the difficulty and amount of time dedicated to keeping systems running, ensuring data is protected and backed up?

Computer Technology Security Auditing

Business Continuity Strategy

These are pain points that every business owner struggles with. Business continuity is a business’s level of readiness to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption. These events can include Security breaches and Natural disasters. Business owners are typically not technology experts unless their core business model is implementing and managing technology. Business owners and managers typically do not plan to fail; they fail to plan. There are five key components to a Business Continuity Plan. They are

  • Risks and potential business impact
  • Planning an effective response
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Testing and training

Our trained technology professionals recognize and understand left to right increasing slope of reliance on technology. The business model has evolved from technology as a luxury to technology as a necessity. For this reason we incorporate a model for disaster readiness that includes a recovery plan. We conduct regular audits for our clients to mitigate any potential Information Technology risks. Our goals are simple:

  • Have a plan in place
  • Continuous risk auditing and testing
  • Rapid response deployment for repair and recovery