How to clear Google Chrome Cookies

Knowing how to Clear Google Chrome Cookies on a browser can fix certain problems you may encounter while trying to load a webpage. Cookies may also want to be cleared for security reasons. Regardless of the reasoning, the steps are all the same.

Clear Google Chrome Cookies
Clear Google Chrome Cookies

In order to clear Chrome Cookies:

First, go to the settings page on chrome. (Click the 3 dots under the X button then press “settings”)

Second, on the “search settings” bar on the top, search “cookies” and click on the option titled “clear browsing data”

If you just want to clear the cookies and nothing else, make sure only the “cookies and other site data” box is checked. Also note the time range box at the top. Select in the drop-down menu the range of time to delete. Usually if cookies are needing to be deleted, the “All Time” option is the best.

If you are having issues with this feel free to reach out to our Desktop Support Team for advice or assistance with managing your Chrome Cookies and or their browser data.

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