How to send a virtual fax with Digium

Sending out a virtual fax has been the new standard in the professional office environments. Send a Virtual Fax with Digium is a must have service for efficiency. Business users have migrated away from physical fax machines and fax paper because the operation costs are expensive. Business tend to receive massive amounts of SPAM faxes that waste print paper and use high volumes of print/copy toner.

How to send out a virtual fax

Sending out a virtual fax through a virtual fax service provider is more cost effective and provides increased flexibility. Virtual fax services utilize existing technologies such as the web browser and email clients. Users can log into a fax portal where they can view and send faxes. Business users can also send or view virtual faxes from their email account. For Digium specific customer lets review the steps for sending a fax via the email client.

How to send out a virtual fax for Digium Cloud Service customers.

Create an email from your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Fill in the information as follows:

  • To:
  • From: Your authorized email address
  • Subject: Optional. This will be added to the notes of the Cover Page
  • Body: Optional. This will be added to the notes of the Cover Page
  • Attach: The supported document file type you wish to fax.

If you wanted to fax an invoice to 404-555-1234, the email would be completed as follows:

WebUI supported file types – PDF, TXT, and TIFF

Email supported file types – PDF, TXT, TIFF, DOC, DOCX, BMP, PNG, and JPG

If you are in need of assistance with your eFax service or are interested in signing up for eFax service feel free to speak with our Desktop Support team.

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