Corporate Training

Employee Training and Continuing Education

There is an efficiency gap between employee performance and the productivity expectations of the company. Employee training and continuing education does not rank amongst the top 10 priorities of management. How can this be possible if employees need certain tools to meet the minimum performance requirements of the job? Society’s Acceptance of Technology As a

Serving Those That Serve

Public services officials have very difficult jobs performing acts from protecting and serving to search and rescue on a daily basis. Serving Those Who Serve is a core focus of our business model and is a services that we have provided from the beginning. We were founded on providing technology services to communities of limited

Why Windows Updates are Important

When software developers write pieces of software the main goal for that software is survival. Why are Windows Updates so important? The software developer wants users to continue to use the software as well as telling other people with common needs about the software. The software needs credibility through dependability and reliability. You may wonder

Apple Screen time restrictions in iOS

Protecting Children from Internet Dangers

Protecting children from internet dangers such as predators and other threats is the new 80’s child kidnapper fear. Parents once feared that they’re children would be lured into a vehicle and taken away by a candy stranger. The “Stranger Danger” campaign was launched teaching children how to yell when a stranger approached them. It would