How to Set Up Microsoft Outlook Rules

How to Set Up Microsoft Outlook Rules is question that our Computer Helpdesk Support Service Team is asked on a regular basis. Everyone loves automation and in a time of increased electronic communications we would all love to keep out mailbox organized. If you are a person that is responsible for staff, sales or production chances are your email account stays full.

How to set up Microsoft Outlook Rules

Benefits of Microsoft Outlook Rules

With rules and automation in place you can program your mailbox to keep your communications organized in specific folders and groups. You can also program your mailbox to send out an auto responder to a specific group of contacts. Finally you can program your mailbox to set reminders for you to follow up on certain emails based on criteria such as contact name, email domain name or even keywords in the email body.

How to setup the Outlook Rules

We will now explore the simply steps of How to Set Up Microsoft Outlook Rules.

  1. First, log into outlook on the web using an internet browser.
  2. Next, click on the gear icon near your name on the top right.
  3. Then in the search box, search rules and click on inbox rules.

You can now click the add new rule, or inspect rules that have already been created, from this menu. You can also remove unwanted rules following these steps as well.

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