How To Unsend Emails from Microsoft Outlook

The need to unsend emails from Microsoft Outlook is an important skill set. We’ve all been there. Had a bad day and typed frantically to send out that last email, or maybe wanted to tell someone what we think of them. You press send and oh no! you made a mistake or maybe thought twice about what you said. You have nothing to fear because Microsoft provides a way to unsend emails from Microsoft Outlook that have yet to be read. The steps are as follows:

Microsoft Outlook message recall how-to
Recalling an email message in Microsoft Outlook
  1. Locate your email in the sent folder
  2. Double click the email; a new window may pop up.
  3. Click the file tab on the top
  4. Press the option that says, resend or recall email.
  5. Check the box that says, recall email.

Wait a few moments and if the recall was successful, you’ll receive an email stating so. Now you can safely tell your employer how much you enjoy working for them or revise your previous email. If you need a brief walk though on how to complete this task feel free to contact our Helpdesk Support Service team.

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