How to Add Contacts to Outlook with A CSV File

Outlook is a great way to keep all your emails together in one place, this also means it can be used to combine all your contacts to easily message everyone from one place. Microsoft Outlook provides an option to upload a CSV or Comma Separated Values list. These can be made in excel or gotten from exporting contact from another email account. Luckily the steps are straightforward to import them into your outlook account.

Import your contacts into Microsoft Outlook
Import your contacts into Microsoft Outlook
  1. Go to on the browser.
  2. Click on the contacts tab.
  3. Find and click the button that says Manage People
  4. Click import contacts.
  5. A separate window will pop up, this is where you will browse for your CSV and upload it.

The time it takes to import contacts depends on the number of contacts trying to import. As long as there are no issues, the contacts should be imported and look correct. Once all are imported, you?ll see all of them in the outlook contacts page on the web and desktop app. Our Helpdesk Support Service technicians are always available to assist with this process if you need it. Feel free to Contact Us.

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