The “Basic” Computer Fix

We like to compare the personal computer to the human body. Sometimes the body gets fatigued from working extremely long hours with limited rest and nutrition. Over time the human body begins to break down and we suffer from various issues such as temporary memory loss to chronic diseases.

Sometimes our physicians will recommend a well balanced diet, plenty of fluids and as much rest as possible. They will connect the body to one of various complex machines that will help them determine a diagnosis. The personal computer is built with an internal diagnostic tool that allows technicians to monitor the health of the system.

One of the most common denominators we have found in relations to poor computer performance is system uptime. System uptime refers to the amount of time the system has been online without a reboot or shutdown. When a computer has been running for a long time without a reboot or shutdown system resources become consumed and not leaving available resources when they are needed.

Basic “Fix”- It’s not always the fix, but sometimes you can possibly do a shut down of your computer which will release those resources to fix an issue.  This consists of simply logging off and back on.  Another option might be to turn it completely off then back on.  Computer Helpdesk Professionals say this is called a “hard” reboot.

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