Why Windows Updates are Important

When software developers write pieces of software the main goal for that software is survival. Why are Windows Updates so important? The software developer wants users to continue to use the software as well as telling other people with common needs about the software. The software needs credibility through dependability and reliability. You may wonder how this is achieved. The answer is through the process of writing software patches.

Why Windows updates are important
Windows Update being install on a computer

What is a Software Patch Update

A Software patch is an additional application or program that is installed on top of the original program. The addon basically writes additional lines of code or overwrites lines of code that need to be updated. As end users test the program in real world situations that discover issues with the program.

These users will submit change requests to the software developers explaining the issues that they are facing. The programmers will write new code and test to ensure stability. Once the revisions have gone through the SDLC (software development lifecycle) it will be released into circulation for users to install. This is a never-ending cycle in the software world.

Microsoft Deploys Weekly Windows Update Patches

Microsoft owns one of the largest pieces of software in the world. We refer to this software as Windows. There are numerous versions of Windows in production all over the world. The version that we are most familiar with is Windows Desktop. The current version in circulation is Windows 11.

PC home and business users place a lot of trust in Microsoft to safeguard the data that we transact with on our computers. Microsoft recognizes that they must continue to fine-tune Windows through the process of developing and deploying software patches. These patches are no good however if we do not install them.

You can secure your computer by turning on Windows Updates. In this setting you have two options. The first option you can automatically download the updates and decide when to install them. The second option you can download the updates and the computer will automatically install and reboot the machine as needed.

If you are a busy person or a novice computer user, then the second option is the best option. Your computer will be up-to-date protected. If you need assistance with setting this up reach out to our Helpdesk Support Team. I have also created a short How-To Windows Update that you can also view.

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