How to install Microsoft Windows Updates

Install Microsoft Windows Updates are very important for keeping you computer secure and your data safe. Learn More.

Install Microsoft Windows Updates in Windows 10. It offers you the choice of when and how to get the latest updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely. If you’re not ready to get recommended updates, you can choose to temporarily pause them from being downloaded and installed. In Windows 10, version 1903 (or later), Windows 10 Pro, version 1809, or Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1809:

Install Microsoft Windows Updates
Microsoft Windows Updates Settings
  1. Select Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Update .
  2. Select either Pause updates for 7 days or Advanced options. Then, in the Pause updates section, select the drop-down menu and specify a date for updates to resume.

Note: After the pause limit is reached, you’ll need to install the latest updates before you can pause updates again.

Your device will need to restart to finish installing updates. If you’re asked to restart your device while you’re busy using it, you can schedule the restart for a more convenient time:

  1. Select Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Update 
  2. Select Schedule the restart and choose a time that’s convenient for you.

Note: You can set active hours to make sure your device only restarts for updates when you’re not using your PC. This is important for when you want to Install Microsoft Windows Updates

Source: Microsoft Manage Updates in Windows

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