How to Add Users to a Computer

Adding users to Microsoft Windows

Adding new users to a computer is important to keeping work and data separate between each user. Luckily, Microsoft Windows has provided and easy way to create new users.

  1. Press the windows button and type Users. You will see an option labeled Add, edit or remove other users
  2. Click on Add someone else to this pc
  3. It will ask for a Microsoft sign in. Type this in if they have one, otherwise, press I don’t have this users sign in, then press Add a user without a Microsoft account
  4. It will then prompt for a user name and password. If you do not wish to set a password, leave the password box blank.
  5. After the user is created, you will then have the option to change the user type from standard to administrator if you desire.

When you create separate accounts for the users in your household or business you create an isolated environment for each of them. Isolation is important for auditing account activities. Account isolation is also important if there is a need to create restrictions based on age or maturity levels. For more information on Protecting Children from internet dangers click HERE

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