Data Center Cloud Services Maintenance

The City Technology Group has has been in a partnership with Cogent Communications since 2018. Basically our partnership allows us to offer our customers Data Center and Cloud Computing Services when they have a need. We often hear the term Cloud Computing and a lot of people do not quite understand what that term means. As a matter of fact during the height of the CoVID-19 pandemic and more people began working from home Cloud Computing began all the buzz.

The City Technology Group Cloud Computing Data Center Services

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the instant availability of massive computer system resources. These resources include data storage and computing power. Business and end-user are able to leverage these technologies without direct active management by the user. Large clouds often have functions distributed over multiple locations, each of which is a data center.

What can The City Technology Group offer you

The City Technology Group offers the ability to leverage our data center for their cloud computing needs. The added benefit is that The City Technology Group offers the Network Engineering service as an added benefit for our customers. This alleviates the need for the customer to source engineers to build the network resources and maintain them on a daily basis.

Data Center Cloud Services Maintenance by Marcus Pitre Network Engineer
Network Engineer Marcus Pitre doing some maintenance of our cloud computing services at the Data Center

Key Features of Data Center Cloud Services

Key features of utilizing our cloud computing data center services are as follows:

  1. We have access to the data center real estate needed to deploy large numbers of network devices
  2. Our data center has redundant power contingencies including diesel generators and UPS cabinets
  3. We have HVAC fire detection and suppression systems in place to extinguish combustion instantly
  4. Our access to connectivity includes multiple major services providers to get you directly connected
  5. Our facility is guarded 24/7/365 and employs multiple layers of access control to ensure security
  6. We provide the network engineering services to keep your data protected and accessible always

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