How to Uninstall a program in Microsoft Windows

Uninstall a program in MIcrosoft Windows is an essential function as a PC user. A program may need to be uninstalled for a variety of reasons. Luckily, Windows makes this process easy and streamlined. Some programs may require the use of control panel and more advanced procedures, but here are the regular steps to uninstall an ordinary program.

Microsoft Windows Add and Remove programs applet in the control panel
Microsoft Windows Add and Remove Programs

We have outlined the simple steps below that will enable you to Uninstall a program in MIcrosoft Windows.

  1. Press the windows button and start typing Uninstall
  2. Click the option titled add or remove programs
  3. Find the program that needs to be removed on the list.
  4. Click the program and then click the uninstall button.

Depending on the program, a separate uninstall window may pop up. If so, just go through the window and follow its steps. These steps are not as complex as they may seem. If you need further assistance feel free to contact our Desktop Support Team.

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