How to navigate and managed Office 365 Spam Filter

What do you need to know before you begin?

  1. In the Microsoft 365 Defender portal at, go to Email & collaboration > Review > Quarantine. To go directly to the Quarantine page, use
  2. On the Quarantine page, you can sort the results by clicking on an available column header. Click Customize columns to change the columns that are shown. The default values are marked with an asterisk (*):
    • Time received*
    • Subject*
    • Sender*
    • Quarantine reason*
    • Release status*
    • Policy type*
    • Expires*
    • Recipient
    • Message ID
    • Policy name
    • Message size
    • Mail direction
    When you’re finished, click Apply.
    • To filter the results, click Filter. The following filters are available in the Filters flyout that appears:
      • Message ID: The globally unique identifier of the message.Sender addressRecipient addressSubjectTime received: Enter a Start time and End time (date).Expires: Filter messages by when they will expire from quarantine:
        • TodayNext 2 daysNext 7 daysCustom: Enter a Start time and End time (date).
        Quarantine reason:Release status: Any of the following values:
        • Needs reviewApprovedDeniedRelease requestedReleased
        Policy Type: Filter messages by policy type:
        • Anti-malware policySafe Attachments policyAnti-phishing policyAnti-spam policy
      When you’re finished, click Apply. To clear the filters, click Clear filters.
  3. Use Search box and a corresponding value to find specific messages. Wildcards aren’t supported. You can search by the following values:
    • Message ID
    • Sender email address
    • Recipient email address
    • Subject. Use the entire subject of the message. The search is not case-sensitive.
    • Policy name. Use the entire policy name. The search is not case-sensitive.
    After you’ve entered the search criteria, press the ENTER key to filter the results. NoteThe Search box on the main Quarantine page will search only quarantined items in the current view, not the entire quarantine. To search all quarantined items, use Filter and the resulting Filters flyout.

After you find a specific quarantined message, select the message to view details about it, and to take action on it (for example, view, release, download, or delete the message).

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