How to Open Quarantined Emails In Outlook

Microsoft has recently introduced an anti-spam filter for outlook called Microsoft 365 Defender. We have to learn how to open quarantined emails in Outlook 365. Many people have reported not receiving emails from individuals. Eventually, Microsoft will send you an email saying you have mail in quarantine, but they do not send this message every time. Luckily, you can access the quarantine zone by going to the website on any browser.

Open Quarantined Emails In Outlook 365 Notification
Microsoft Outlook 365 Email Quarantine Notification
  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Sign into your email address
  3. Click on the Email and Collaboration tab and then click on the Review tab.

Here all the quarantine emails will show and the reason they were quarantine. If you see any that are not supposed to be spam, you can click on it and then press Release. 30 day old emails in quarantine will automatically deleted. In closing when you learn how to open quarantined emails in Office 365 you will keep your data protected. If you need assistant please do not hesitate to contact our Computer Helpdesk Support Team.

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