Apple Screen time restrictions in iOS

Protecting Children from Internet Dangers

Protecting children from internet dangers such as predators and other threats is the new 80’s child kidnapper fear. Parents once feared that their children would be lured into a vehicle and taken away by a candy stranger. The “Stranger Danger” campaign was launched teaching children how to yell when a stranger approached them. It would

End of life software is a security risk

The dangers of End of Life Software

Some things are built to last. Unfortunately, technology isn’t one of those things. Software has a lifecycle. It does have a point where it ends, even if it takes a decade to get there. “End–of–life” or EOL is a term used by software vendors indicating that it is ending or limiting it’s support on the product and/or

FBI Scammers Message

Technical Support Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently issued an alert about the rise in tech support scams spreading across the country.  Fake pop-up ads are fairly common many of us have seen that scam Warning! Your computer may have a virus! message at least once in our connected lives. This usually happens if you click on

Creating complex passwords

With everything that we have to have access to these days, passwords are a must.  With that, we have to have a different password for each and every one of them.  The criteria is for setting up a password is becoming more complex and there is no standard from one service to another. It is

The “Basic” Computer Fix

We like to compare the personal computer to the human body. Sometimes the body gets fatigued from working extremely long hours with limited rest and nutrition. Over time the human body begins to break down and we suffer from various issues such as temporary memory loss to chronic diseases. Sometimes our physicians will recommend a